The primary objective of Key IT Systems is to lighten your load, by doing what we do best so you’re free to focus on what you do best.

Our comprehensive suite of managed services, as well as hardware & software procurement and consulting activities, put decades of technical expertise and proven response to work for your business.

Managed Services

It’s a common trend among many companies to try and reduce operating expenses by forgoing a formal IT department, in favor of appointing a “computer guru” from elsewhere on the team to oversee data management and network infrastructure. The potential issues with this approach are multi-fold, and include not only inadequate attention to important IT issues, but also neglect of that staff member’s original duties. Results can be inconvenient as tasks are missed or overlooked, or catastrophic in the event of critical data compromise or loss.

Key IT Systems has partnered with Continuum to mitigate these concerns through customized managed services for your enterprise. These managed services allow you to access reliable 24x7x365 IT support, at a fraction of the cost of a full time-IT support employee. Your “computer guru” can return to the duties for which s/he was hired, while your entire organization benefits from exceptional responsiveness and technical expertise when and where you need it.

Our comprehensive suite of managed services range from simple break/fix tasks to full, proactive round-the-clock support. We evaluate your support needs and design a solution based on the unique operational and data requirements of your business, your hardware and software environment, and of course your desired budget.

Key IT Systems’ Managed Services include:

  • Server/desktop preventative maintenance, such as patch management, defrags, virus scans, etc.
  • 24×7 monitoring by the Network Operations Center
  • 24×7 remote access to servers and desktops by your US-based helpdesk
  • The option to create tickets any time of the day, to get back up and running
  • The ability to back up your server to protect against catastrophic data loss

Besides standardizing your computer operations and saving you valuable time, money, and peace of mind as you focus on running your business, our managed services deliver all the other benefits a full IT staff without the logistical details of employee benefits, vacations, or other leave. Let Ventech Information Systems help you build an IT department that’s just what you need to make your organization even more successful!

Hardware & Software Procurement

As information systems become faster, as well as more capable and impactful, increasingly efficient hardware components and software applications are introduced to the market. To remain competitive in this dynamic digital age, organizations must continuously upgrade their technologies to the latest available—all which managing and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Key IT Systems can assist you with defining your hardware and software requirements, and identifying the most effective and economical way to achieve them. As a certified reseller and partner for numerous hardware and software vendors, we can secure the needed solution at a substantially lower cost, and pass the savings on to you.

Equipment and application needs can vary widely even within individual companies, encompassing workstations, servers, networking equipment, point-of-sale equipment, or phone systems for staff ranging from administrative support staff to senior engineers and designers.

Recognizing the unique and specific technical demands throughout your organization is essential to investing in only what’s actually needed to operate efficiently, without wasting valuable resources on what isn’t truly necessary. Ventech Information Systems’ hardware and software procurement services assist you throughout the process of defining your technological requirements, identifying the most cost-efficient solutions, and purchasing them for deployment.

Through our well-established partnerships with reputable vendors like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Quickbooks, and Digium, we stay up-to-date on the latest emerging technologies, and incorporate them into the design of all of our systems. Consequently, systems we help to develop are readily upgradable while maintaining their convenience and affordability. We do all the legwork of researching hardware and software needs and expenses, so you can concentrate on doing what’s best for your business.


Sometimes what’s most needed to meet business requirements or overcome operational challenges is trusted expertise, accumulated through years of specialized experience. Key IT Systems features a team of consultants with decades of combined proficiency in solution identification and implementation.

Our consultants emphasize results, and are driven by your needs rather than sales goals or quotas. Their primary objective is consistent with our company mission to provide the best and most cost-efficient approach. We’ll never try to push or pressure you into an unneeded purchase, but rather will work alongside you to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Key IT Systems’ consulting team is comprised of professionals with extensive direct experience with computer and IT applications in sectors ranging from energy to high-tech to military—so whatever your particular business or challenge, we have the hands-on knowledge to guide you to just the right outcome. Our goal is to partner with you, to fully explore your options, and to ensure that your ultimate choice is well-informed and a wise investment. We’re with you each step of the way!