We feature a selection of customized security and automation technologies designed and deployed to help you operate at peak efficiency, with enhanced peace of mind.

Whether Network Attached Support (NAS) that’s revolutionizing the way data is stored and backed up, automation capabilities for home and business, or professional voice communications, we’re leading the way with solutions that make your life easier.

Voice Communications

As technology continues to make the world smaller, staying connected to your contacts isn’t just a priority, it’s a necessity.  The right voice communication technology keeps you in touch wherever you are, whether in your office or another country—allowing you to respond to your customers’ needs more efficiently than your competition.

Voice communication solutions have been a core business line and part of Key IT Systems’ history for decades.  We have a long legacy of technical expertise and client satisfaction, reinforced by a wide selection of options from Vertical and Digium that are geared toward your unique facility size, operational requirements, and budget.

All voice communication systems feature commonly needed core functionality:

  • Automated attendant for directing phone calls to certain individuals or departments
  • “Hunt group” hierarchy for redirecting calls to the best available recipient
  • Speakerphone for hands-free conversation
  • Call parking/forwarding to put callers in touch with the right person
  • Hold music tracks for waiting callers
  • Conference calling for collaborative discussions
  • Voicemail messaging for missed calls

Our skilled team helps you analyze and identify whether your business requires a standard package, or a more advanced solution—and you can be assured that we’ll only recommend what’s actually a good fit for you, and never try to sell features that aren’t actually needed.  Following any purchase, we’ll assist you with setup and installation, provide an easy-to-understand tutorial on using your new system, and deliver ongoing, responsive technical support.

Business Continuity

Perhaps no potential crisis preoccupies business owners more than the loss of critical and irretrievable data or knowledge capital. As a company committed to helping you maximize your efficiency and minimize your professional stress, Key IT Systems is leading the way in the development of business continuity solutions that ensure you and your customers will never be at the mercy of a catastrophic technical failure.

The latest advancement in business continuity technology is known as Network Attached Storage, or NAS, which is revolutionizing the way businesses regardless of industry are backing up, accessing, and restoring their data. NAS hardware is superior to the more conventional tape-based equipment, performing at the block level where the building blocks of data—actual binary digits—are captured from the hard drive, essentially eliminating failures related to open files. Because block-level data is raw information that’s independent of file structure formatting, it’s the most efficient way to write to a disk.

The NAS device can be configured to backup multiple Windows servers by partition or by logical drives. There are no file or folder-level exclusions, because a snapshot of the entire partition is taken at the block level on the hard drive. In addition, database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server™ and Microsoft Exchange Server™ transfer data in blocks, independent of whether files are open or in use.

With its fast virtualization capabilities, our NAS device can be configured to function as a replacement server if needed. This unique device also can replace management intensive, error-prone tape backups while providing much more—starting with enhanced peace of mind. Key IT Systems’ NAS solutions comprehensively protect valuable informational assets and keep downtime to a minimum, by providing to your business:

  • Very frequent backups (as frequent as every 15 minutes) with an onsite device
  • Optional off-site data storage at highly rated, secure data centers
  • The ability to restore downed servers in less than 30 minutes
  • Advanced restoration options (file- and folder-levels) with Exchange™ message and mailbox recovery
  • Bare-metal restorations to dissimilar hardware
  • Low-cost reliability and peace of mind

Your customers count on you, and you count on your data … You can also count on Key IT Systems to deliver a dependable, efficient business continuity solution that’s customized to your specific requirements and budget. There’s already enough uncertainty to deal with—and you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your data as well.

Business and Home Automation

Imagine the convenience and peace of mind of being able to monitor and manage your office or home while virtually anywhere, using only your mobile device … Key IT Systems is one of only a select few authorized Control4 dealers in the Houston area who can equip you with the equipment and applications for business and home automation. Our team does more than sell this technology, we actually use it—so we know and trust it from first-hand experience.

Automation features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Video surveillance camera feed viewing
  • Climate control adjustment to suit temperature or cost factors
  • Security system monitoring
  • Door locking and unlocking
  • Lighting adjustment for power saving or as a theft deterrent
  • Media control in a conference or living room

As with all of our solutions and services at Key IT Systems, we conduct a comprehensive review of your needs, requirements, and budget before recommending any automation package. We’ll guide you throughout the process of automating your home or office by assisting with installation, explaining and demonstrating how your new system works, and being constantly available for any questions or unlikely technical issues that might arise.